Job ad leads to speculations of Hogwarts Legacy 2

Hogwarts Legacy Dev Already Working on a New AAA Console Game

A job advertisement posted by Avalanche Software has given birth to speculations that the studio is working on Hogwarts Legacy 2. The developer, who only just released Hogwarts Legacy back in February, is looking for a Software Engineer to work on an “unannounced AAA console title.”

Publisher Warner Bros. has previously teased Hogwarts Legacy 2

First spotted by GameRant, the job ad was originally posted a week ago and specifically mentioned Avalanche’s work on Hogwarts Legacy before disclosing that the team is recruiting staff for another unannounced AAA game.

Interestingly, the ad has now been modified, but not before GameRant managed to take a screenshot. We also found a copy of the unedited ad on a third-party careers website.

A Hogwarts Legacy sequel isn’t outside the realm of possibility considering the game’s success, as well as statements by Warner Bros. that suggest the publisher is eyeing another entry. However, it’s possible that this job ad is referring to a different game.

The mystery game certainly isn’t recently-announced Quidditch Champions, which has been in development for a while at Unbroken Studios.

What Avalanche Software is working on is anyone’s guess right now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information.