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Rumors Suggest WB Has Canned Two Superman Games Since 2013

It seems that every few weeks another Batman game rumor emerges online. WB Games Montréal is either working on a Court of Owls-starring title or a different type of Arkhamverse follow-up, if ongoing rumors prove true. Sometimes, however, the Man of Steel gets in on the action, too. Although, it’s difficult to take speculation involving Superman seriously. The latest rumor suggests something that sounds plausible, though. Apparently, Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Superman game off the ground since 2013.

This tidbit comes courtesy of notable leaker James Sigfield on Twitter. In a pretty lengthy thread, Sigfield shared conceptual images from two different Man of Steel projects, both of which were canned. These pictures, apparently, were already accessible online; thus, the leaker does not feel they’re stepping on any toes.

Sigfield’s Twitter thread begins with the following post, and continues on for another dozen or so.

According to Sigfield, WB began accepting Superman pitches in 2013 from a wide variety of developers. One that gained steam in 2013 was an open-world title, similar to what Marvel’s Spider-Man eventually became. Metropolis would serve as the game’s setting, with a number of villains from Superman’s rogues gallery taking part. Based on concept art shared by Sigfield, these foes included General Zod, Braniac, Lex Luthor, Doomsday, and Darkseid. Two images are difficult to discern, though one could be Parasite. The other appears to mimic Metallo’s fleshless design from Superman: The Animated Series. Regardless, this particular project didn’t get past the conceptual phase.

In 2014, a new prototype entered production. Tentatively named Superman: Unbound, this project would follow the premise of an animated film of the same name, which sees Superman and Supergirl take on Braniac. Its events were meant to center on the bottled city of Kandor, a Kyrpton metropolis captured by Braniac before the planet’s destruction. In an effort to limit Superman’s abilities, a fully open-world was not on the cards. Still, a variety of villains were at play, such as Braniac and Doomsday.

Sigfield alleged “mind controlled villans” were on deck, too. However, this could mean any number of things. Was Braniac mind-controlling Superman foes, or were the likes of Psimon, who has mind-control abilities, involved? It’s unclear, but it may not matter, given that this project, too, lies on the cutting room floor.

Reportedly, the 2014 game hit a roadblock due to WB’s mandate that all DC-centric titles run on Arkham’s engine. Yes, WB Games Montréal’s canceled Suicide Squad venture was in the same boat. Such a demand would, of course, be a herculean task for a Superman game. The big guy has to fly, after all. During this particular period, an accomplishment of this magnitude seemed impossible. Yet, whether or not that still serves as an issue remains to be seen. If there’s any veracity to Sigfield’s claims, WB hasn’t slowed its hunt for a good Superman pitch. God of War’s Cory Barlog had a pretty solid one. Who knows if WB has heard any good pitches to spark its interest of late?

[Source: James Sigfield on Twitter]