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Superman Concept Art Surfaces from Former WB Games Montréal Project

A new concept art piece of Superman flying over Metropolis has emerged online. The image seemingly dates back to a period between 2014 and 2016, possibly in relation to a since-cancelled project. It appears on the website of Joël Dos Reis Viegas, an artist who’s previously worked with Arkham Origins developer, WB Games Montréal. In the past, rumors have circulated that this team had Superman and Suicide Squad games in production.

Twitter user Tatlinsky spotted the Superman concept art on Viegas’ website. The piece interestingly sits beneath a tab dedicated to “Batman Games.” Viegas’ post doesn’t offer any insight about the Superman concept in particular, yet he does note WB Games Montréal “contracted me a couple of times to integrate the dev team and flesh out original designs directly at their studio.” This partnership resulted in his and his Montréal-based creative agency, Steambot, notably working on DLC skins, such as those for Arkham Knight’s Batman Beyond DLC, which Rocksteady received assistance on from WB’s Montréal studio.

See the art of the Man of Steel soaring across Metropolis at night below:

superman concept art

For now, there exists no way of knowing whether this concept was meant for a separate Superman experience or something Batman-related. Given the level of secrecy at WB’s games division, perhaps we’ll never know. After all, the current works-in-progress for both WB Games Montréal and Rocksteady remain under lock and key. Although, rumors and a mountain of teases suggests the former is hard at work on something starring Batman’s Court of Owls. As far as speculation is concerned, Rocksteady could be in production on any number of thing, though the studio has debunked long-running Superman rumors.

A recent report claims that a new Batman game, Rocksteady’s title, and a Harry Potter adventure were to be announced at this year’s now-cancelled E3. Should such claims prove true, it’s anyone’s guess as to when and where WB will makes these announcements now.

[Source: Tatlinsky on Twitter, feerik-art via IGN]