Rumor: Rocksteady Superman Poster Leak

Yep, there it is: if this is real, then so is the long-rumored Rocksteady Superman game. This one needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt, as the original source is a 4chan post. That said, 4chan has been a surprisingly solid source of E3 rumors coming to fruition this year, so we can’t ignore this. The leak appears to be a poster or some other form of promotional material, as you can see above.

We see a  somewhat sterile look at Rocksteady’s apparent Superman “S” design, and the requisite corporate logos are just barely cut off on the edges of the image. Perhaps the most important detail is just under that big, beautiful superhero emblem. I’m talking about the game’s full title, Superman: World’s Finest.

What’s so special about the title? Well, “World’s Finest” isn’t just a cool subtitle. Those two words together carry a lot of weight, going back several decades in DC Comics history. World’s Finest is the tag team moniker used to describe Superman and Batman when they work together, and has been the title for several volumes of comic book issues. So if World’s Finest is indeed the name of this game we still aren’t certain even exists, then it is without a doubt either connected to the Arkham universe, or at the very least Batman is involved somehow.

Sure enough, the rest of the 4chan post states that other DC characters are involved. It also says the game is single-player, will be revealed during Microsoft’s E3 conference, and that Brainiac is the main villain.

[Source: 4chan]