Rocksteady’s Game Director Apologizes for E3 2018 Absence

The months leading to E3 2018 were full of leaks, rumors, and endless amounts of speculation. Now that the event’s winding to a close, fans and critics are counting all that Walmart Canada, 4chan, etc. were wrong about. Who isn’t upset that Splinter Cell remains unannounced? Disappointment about the lack of a new Crash Bandicoot title is still setting in for some. However, the biggest letdown rests with Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady.

A whole host of rumors suggest their next title stars the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, others purport Superman’s involvement is merely that of a secondary character in a Justice League game. Regardless of what they are working on, the key concern for those anxiously awaiting news is Rocksteady’s absence from E3 2018. For that, the studio’s co-founder and game director, Sefton Hill, has issued an apology. Hill recently shared the following statement on Twitter:

The key takeaway is that the incredibly hardworking team at Rocksteady isn’t ready to unveil their latest project. But it is good to know they feel the love. Of course, Hill’s post does not offer even a semblance of a tease, and that’s okay. When they’re ready, they’re ready. Until then, the speculation will undoubtedly continue on without pause. Seriously, though, here’s to hoping Rocksteady’s next masterwork does indeed star the Last Son of Krypton. Superman is past due for proper treatment in gaming.

[Source: Sefton Hill’s Twitter]