Suicide Squad

Rocksteady Co-Founders Depart as Suicide Squad Game Is ‘Nearly Finished’

Rocksteady studio heads Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker have revealed, now that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is “nearly finished,” that they will be leaving the developer they co-founded at the end of 2022. David Haddad, the president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, shared a letter on Rocksteady’s official website with the news, thanking both Hill and Walker for their work on the Batman Arkham franchise and “their evolutionary thinking with Suicide Squad.”

We haven’t heard much about the Suicide Squad PS5 release apart from the vague release window of 2023 and its delay as reported in February, but this new info suggests that it could be arriving sooner in 2023 than expected.

Hill and Walker say that Suicide Squad is “in safe hands” now

Later in the statement, both Hill and Walker thank the Rocksteady fans for their excitement and support for Rocksteady’s game over the last 18 years, and now feel comfortable leaving the studio:

Now with Suicide Squad in safe hands, and the team here stronger than ever, it’s time to hand over the reins, and for us to start a new adventure together in games.

It’s unclear what Hill and Walker will be doing after leaving Rocksteady, but it sounds like they will be opening a new game studio of their own.

Nathan Burlow, Rocksteady’s Director of Production and also a founding member of the studio, has been promoted to Studio Director. Darius Sadeghian will be taking over as Studio Product Director. Both Burlow and Sadeghian will oversee the “high-quality game development” of Suicide Squad.