Rocksteady Teases Next Game With Motion Capture Tweet

When we last heard from the folks over at Rocksteady, they were talking about how when they finally announce their new game, fans would lose their minds. Since then, we’ve had rumors that their next game would be a Superman game squashed, and haven’t really heard much of anything from the studio. Earlier this morning, however, the Rocksteady Twitter account teased fans a bit, tweeting out an image of a test shoot for some motion capture work the studio seems to be preparing for.

Rocksteady most recently worked on Batman: Arkham VR, but before that their last major title was Arkham Knight. If you’re wondering how that turned out, check out our Batman: Arkham Knight review. Here’s a small slice of it:

Simply by looking at Batman: Arkham Knight, it’s easy to see just how far along the series has come since it first debuted last generation. Not only by looking at the game’s incredibly visual fidelity that puts the players in the shoes of the caped crusader better than anything we have ever seen before, the sheer scale and production value that accompany Rocksteady’s latest entry makes in one of the most pure interactive experiences I have ever had in the games industry.

While it’s easy to spoil many of the plot points to help explain many of the game’s nuances, I will do my best to avoid stating anything that could ruin someone’s first run in the game. Where normally a game is designed to let the player interact with its constructed world, waiting simply on the player to push or direct a scene, Arkham Knight uses a number of directional techniques that lets its cast dynamically interact with the player naturally. This gives the game a sense of atmosphere that sets the stage for the situation at hand, without ever really breaking the experience or becoming overly forced. It simply works, and is something that other studios will have to start paying attention to.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes in!