The Biggest E3 Surprises in Sony History

Ah, E3.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is undoubtedly the industry’s premier event, an annual video game extravaganza of landmark reveals, fist-pumping moments, and blunders so cringe-worthy, we’re left with no choice but to hide behind our hands with embarrassment.

Yes, for all of the hype and excitement generated by E3 with each passing year, the trade show has served up its fair share of baffling moments since ’95, and on the eve of E3 2018, we’ve combed through the gaming archives to cherry-pick the biggest E3 surprises in Sony history.

So just as the industry’s power players prepare to descend on Los Angeles for what is sure to be another memorable year, let’s take a moment to remember the E3 highlights from yesteryear that left us utterly flabbergasted – be it a welcome announcement or one particularly hefty price tag big enough to warrant two jobs…

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Of the moments mentioned, what is your pick of the bunch? Or perhaps there’s one Sony surprise, in particular, that we overlooked? You can, as always, drop your thoughts, comments and concerns via the usual place.

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