Recent Leak Suggests that Rocksteady’s Next Game is Based on Superman

According to a recent leak, it’s believed that the November issue of Game Informer will not only be revealing the next game from developer Rocksteady, but that it will also feature Superman, a partnership that fans have been asking for ever since the Batman: Arkham series came to a close.

The leak, which appeared on 4chan of all places, was a simple post by a user who said the Game Informer Cover Game of November would be none other than Rocksteady’s Superman game. According to the user, the “scale and ambition of the game are massive,” and he promised people would be “blown away by the details.”

Obviously, when a leak like this pops up randomly, you always take it with a grain of salt, but 4chan users have had some success in the past when it comes to leaks in the video game world.

If this turns out to be true, however, it would kind of line up with what Rocksteady has been teasing. Back in September, Gaz – the Marketing Game Manager for the company – teased that people would “lose their minds” when Rocksteady announced their next endeavor.

You also might remember in September when Kevin Conroy revealed that their was no plans to create a new Batman: Arkham game, which could lead the way for them to dive into the world of another superhero. Regardless, we won’t have long to wait to see if the leak is true as Game Informer will be teasing their next cover game on Monday, November 6. Make sure to stay tuned for any updates.

[Source: Gamepur]