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E3 no shows 2018

The E3 2018 No Shows: Where Were These Games?

These games belong on a milk carton with an 800 number.


Borderlands Getting a PC, PS4, Xbox One Re-release

We will jump back into Borderlands soon.

Borderlands 3 E3 2018 Demo is Not Happening After All

Borderlands 3 Not Making it to E3 2018

Gearbox not gearing up for Borderlands just yet.

e3 2018 leaks

Report: Retail Listing Reveals New Splinter Cell, Just Cause 4, and More

Tons of games uncovered

Borderlands 3

Next Borderlands Confirmed (Again) Via Tweet From a Developer

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed it last year.

battleborn skins

Borderlands Skins Announced for Battleborn as Gearbox Teases Borderlands 3 Development Update

90% of Gearbox apparently working on Borderlands 3.

Gearbox CEO Teases Borderlands 3 With Mo-Cap Photo

It’s coming!

Borderlands 3 Information Teased via Battleborn DLC

It seems that players are being warned about Patricia Tannis.

Gearbox Teases What Borderlands 3 Could Look Like

Next level cel shading!

Borderlands 3 Confirmed Again, Easter Eggs Included in Battleborn DLC

Two development team members revealed.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford: “There’ll Almost Certainly Be More Borderlands”

“There’ll almost certainly be more Borderlands, but we need to figure out what that is.”

Take-Two: Next Borderlands is Built ‘Specifically for Next-Gen’

No release window given.

Gearbox is “Ready to Start” Working on the Next Borderlands

“This is the big one.”

Gearbox Teases New Borderlands Announcement at PAX South 2015

Panel takes place tomorrow.

Gearbox Reassures Fans That Borderlands 3 “Will Happen”

Do what scares you, Pitchford.

Gearbox: Thinking About What Borderlands 3 Might be “Scared Us”

“It’s like, ‘That’s so crazy and so big that I’m not sure we can succeed’.”

Gearbox Explains Why Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Isn’t Coming to PS4/Xbox One

And why Borderlands 3 isn’t being made yet.

Randy Pitchford: “We Are Not Working on Borderlands 3”

“I’m not going to fuck around with you like Valve does with Half-Life 3.”

Gearbox Talks Expanding Co-Op Past 4 Players on PS4 and Xbox One

100 player co-op in Borderlands 3 or no sale.