Hemovorous the Invincible

Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut Brings Hemovorous the Invincible to PS4 and PS5 in March

As part of Season Pass 2, Borderlands 3 players were granted two pieces of DLC: the Designer’s Cut and the Director’s Cut. The Designer’s Cut released back in November, and now 2K has revealed the Director’s Cut will be arriving for PS4 and PS5 on March 18. It will bring a bunch of new content, a murder mystery, and perhaps most notably, a new raid boss.

Players may have already found a red door in Ascension Bluff that’s been locked since the game’s launch in September 2019. This is the location for the latest raid boss, Hemovorous the Invincible. Defeating the “absolutely titanic” Varkid will reward players with top-tier loot, but you’ll need to be prepared for a big fight.

There will also be murder mystery missions to solve using a crime scene analysis mechanic. Mysterious deaths have occurred in several places. Ava thinks they’re supernatural, and it’s up to you to keep her safe as she investigates the killings for her podcast series. The missions will take players to new locations on Pandora, Promethea, Eden-6, and Nekrotafeyo. Of course, there’ll also be loot to find along the way, as well as teasers, hints, and secrets that relate to the game’s main story.

Three Vault Cards will be available to owners of the Director’s Cut DLC. Once a Vault Card is activated, players level it up by completing a selection of more than 100 daily and weekly challenges. Max out the card and you’ll get a “massive” cache of themed cosmetic items, as well as “supremely powerful” gear that will scale to your level. The first card to launch will feature items that honor the franchise’s heroes that didn’t make it. The content of the other two cards hasn’t been revealed but they’ll be released throughout the year. If players have access to multiple cards, they can pick the one they want active at any time, and the content never expires.

Other content included with the DLC involves behind-the-scenes content such as bloopers, cut content, concept art, storyboards, lost maps, and “tons of footage that charts the game’s development.” Director’s Cut will be available as part of Season Pass 2 for $29.99, or it can be purchased individually. The Designer’s Cut DLC is currently available for $14.99. We’re assuming the Director’s Cut won’t be the same price as otherwise that means you can get both DLCs for $29.98, 1 cent cheaper than the season pass. Gearbox or 2K should confirm the price soon.

[Source: 2K]