PlayStation Now April 2021

Borderlands 3 and Marvel’s Avengers Headline Three New PlayStation Now Games for April 2021

With tomorrow being the first Tuesday of the month, the time has come for Sony to announce the new PlayStation Now games for April 2021. Starting from tomorrow, April 6, PS Now subscribers can get their hands on Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3, and The Long Dark. The catch is only one of these is a permanent addition to the service.

Marvel’s Avengers is Square Enix’s superhero action-adventure game, only the superheroes have been outlawed. Kamala Khan has the task of reassembling the Avengers to thwart the evil plans of AIM. There’s plenty of content coming to keep the game fresh. Last month the game received a new playable hero as well as the Operation: Hawkeye – Future Imperfect chapter. More content is due to arrive this spring with the Tachyon Anomaly event and Red Room Takeover, while the Cosmic Cube and Wasteland Patrol updates will arrive later in the year. There’s also the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion featuring the long-awaited Black Panther. Marvel’s Avengers will leave PS Now in just three months on July 5th.

Borderlands 3s Director’s Cut DLC may have been delayed until later this week, but if you haven’t even tried the game yet then the bonkers loot shooter joins PS Now a couple of days earlier. Players can join up with up to three friends as the vault hunters and the Crimson Raiders of Pandora take on an insane cult led by brothers Troy and Tyreen Calypso. If the cult manages to harness the power of the alien Vaults strewn across the world then the result isn’t even worth thinking about. Borderlands 3 is sticking around in PS Now until September 29th.

Finally, The Long Dark pits players against the harsh wilderness after a geomagnetic disaster alters the world as we know it. As well as the Wintermute story-driven campaign, the game’s survival mode tasks players with surviving for as long as they can as the world’s creatures try their hardest to turn you into food. The Long Dark will remain part of PS Now permanently.

All three games join PS Now tomorrow, April 6. The Long Dark is a permanent addition to the service. Marvel’s Avengers is only available until July 5, while Borderlands 3 is available for a little longer until September 29.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]