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Borderlands 3 Cross-Platform Play Finally Coming to PS5 and PS4

Gearbox Software will finally be bringing Borderlands 3 cross-platform play to Playstation consoles almost a year after it was introduced for Xbox and PC. The update will allow PS5 and PS4 Borderlands 3 players to go vault hunting on Pandora with friends on any of the platforms already supported by cross-play.

When will the cross-platform update arrive on PS5 and PS4?

Borderlands 3 PS4 PS5 Cross-Play

Borderlands 3 will get full cross-play on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, and PC later this spring. The update will come months after cross-platform play was introduced for Xbox and PC in June 2021. Playstation consoles were supposed to get the update at the same time, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford later revealed they were asked to remove the feature from PlayStation consoles.

Neither Sony nor 2K Games commented further on the potential issue, but documents revealed during the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit revealed Sony had some interesting ideas to prevent developers from including cross-platform play in their games. Sony is apparently entitled to compensation from a developer or publisher if a game’s PS4 player-base drops too low in proportion to the revenue it generates in a month. This required developers to submit data so Sony could calculate their royalty payments, something likely to be off-putting for many.

In the meantime, Borderlands 3 players have managed to complete 30,000 trials to unlock the Guardian Head reward. The following SHIFT code will unlock the reward: CSW33-HBBJB-R65XH-XJTJ3-CT963. There’s also a code active for a special Diamond Key that can be redeemed until 8 am PT on May 1: WHKTJ-WF5SC-F6RBC-HJB33-3R5HB.

In other news, the new Playstation Plus tiers are launching earlier than anticipated in some regions. More countries will also be getting cloud streaming so they can make use of PlayStation Plus Premium. Elsewhere, Ubisoft may be looking at suitors for a buyout proposal after its share value plummeted in recent months.