The Weekly Rewind – Team Ninja Final Fantasy Game, Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay, Dragon Quest XII

It’s really hard to keep up with all the news that comes out each week, even for a website that prides itself on trying to cover every piece of PlayStation news that is released. With that in mind, we have decided to help everyone out with a little recap of the big news from this week in one easy to find location. Here is the weekly rewind for Horizon Forbidden West, Dragon Quest XII, and more.

First Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay State of Play Shows Foliage, Swimming, and a Tremortusk Battle

Today’s PlayStation State of Play featured our first ever look at Horizon Forbidden West gameplay. After a five-hour long countdown featuring imagery of the various environments you’ll visit in Horizon Forbidden West, PlayStation Studios and Guerrilla Games finally showed off 14 minutes of gameplay.

Sonic Colors Ultimate Confirmed for PS4

The rumors about a remaster of Sonic Colors that have been circling for months have been proven to be true. During today’s Sonic Central live stream, the team revealed Blind Squirrel Entertainment will be bringing Sonic Colors Ultimate to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in September.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human Release Date Revealed for December

Dying Light 2—now officially known as Dying Light 2: Stay Human—is set to be released later this year on December 7. It was also confirmed to be getting next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X versions as well, rather than players needing to use backwards compatibility. Revealed during today’s Dying Light 2 live stream, the broadcast also highlighted more story details than we’ve previously seen. 20 years after the events in Dying LightDying Light 2′s new city of Villedor is the last bastion of humanity.

Borderlands 3 Crossplay Support is Coming Soon to All Platforms, but PlayStation Players Will Not Be Included

One of the most requested features for Borderlands 3 players is to be able to play the game with friends and family on other platforms. Developer Gearbox has been preparing an update that will allow players to do just that. The only problem is that they’ve had to remove the functionality from the PlayStation update, so crossplay will only be available between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC.

Dragon Quest XII, Dragon Quest Treasures, and Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake Announced

Square Enix announced several Dragon Quest titles during the franchise’s 35th anniversary special livestream.

Introducing Summer Season Pass, Your Ticket to the Summer’s Gaming and Entertainment News

Summer is a time for a lot of entertainment news, and with so much going on, a lot of it can get lost in the shuffle. Rest assured that you won’t miss a beat with the first annual Summer Season Pass, a two-month collaboration with PlayStation LifeStyle, GameRevolution, and ComingSoon to keep you apprised of all the gaming and entertainment news this summer. Summer Season Pass brings together three of Evolve Media’s pinnacle entertainment brands for the summer’s most comprehensive entertainment event.

June 2021 PlayStation Plus Free Games Confirmed After Leak Earlier This Week

After first leaking early this week, the June 2021 PlayStation Plus free games have been confirmed and it turns out the leak was correct. Operation: Tango and the new Virtual Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown are launching next month via PlayStation Plus, and Star Wars Squadrons is also coming to the service after its release late last year.

Sony Exploring Mobile Gaming With ‘Wonderful PlayStation Franchises’ as It Seeks to Improve Socialization

In its corporate strategy meeting held today, Sony Corporation revealed that it plans to focus on the socialization aspect within the wider entertainment industry, using video games to bring people together and “reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms.”

Walmart Allowing Resellers to Scalp the PS5 For Over $1000 Using its Site

The PS5 is in stock at Walmart… kind of. In an effort to compete with Amazon, Walmart has allowed sellers to set up storefronts on its website in order to sell their products. It turns out that some of those products are PS5 consoles selling for far more than their retail market value, with the PS5 disc version currently listed for over $1000 and the digital going for a hefty $899.

CD Projekt Red is Still Waiting on Sony to Approve Cyberpunk 2077’s Return to the PlayStation Store

Nearly six months after Cyberpunk 2077 launched and was rapidly removed from the PlayStation Store due to a number of issues, the game still hasn’t returned to Sony’s digital storefront. Developer CD Projekt Red says that it is still waiting on Sony’s approval to put Cyberpunk 2077 back on the PlayStation Store, though it hasn’t detailed what the criteria for that approval is.

Watch Dogs Was Originally Going To Be a Driver Sequel, According to Driver Series Director

In an interview with VG247, Driverseries creator and founder of Ubisoft Reflections (formerly Reflections) Martin Edmondson revealed that Watch Dogs was originally pitched as a sequel in the Driver series. Along with two other interviews with Ubisoft insiders, the reports explain how Watch Dogs changed into its own IP after expanding on the hacking concept. The decision to change into a new IP may have also been influenced by the lackluster sales of Driver: San Francisco, released in 2011.

Report: Ubisoft Has Restarted Skull & Bones Development From Scratch Again

According to a new report by Game Luster (via ResetEra), Ubisoft has had to restart Skull & Bones development from scratch for a second time. If true, this spells doom not just for the video game, but also for Ubisoft Singapore because this is the first development effort led by the studio.

Rumor: Team Ninja is Developing a PS5 Exclusive Final Fantasy Spinoff Game Called Final Fantasy Origin

A few days ago, rumors starting spreading about a PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy title. Those rumors have gained strength over the weekend as Twitter user @SoulsHunts has leaked more details on the title that is supposedly in development at Team Ninja. The rumors have also since been verified by fanbyte.

Roblox CEO Hints at PlayStation Release, Says It Makes ‘Perfect Sense’

Roblox Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Dave Baszucki, said in the company’s Q1 2021 earnings call that PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Oculus Quest “make perfect sense for Roblox.” The free-to-play game, which boasts over 164 million monthly active users, has been around since 2006 – first launched on PC, then on mobile devices, and later on Xbox One. But for some reason, it never saw a PlayStation release.

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