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dying light 2 choices

Players Create Their Own Version of Dying Light 2’s City With Their Choices

Choice and consequence seems to be one of Dying Light 2’s key pillars.

dying light 2 zombies

Techland Doesn’t Consider Dying Light 2 a Zombie Game

During the day, the infected take a backseat to the humans.

Dying Light 2 choices

Players’ Choices Shape Dying Light 2’s World

Nuance will reign supreme.

Dying Light 2 Engine improvements

New Dying Light 2 Engine Has Smart Enemies, Highly Detailed World

Techland’s new tech seems impressive.

Dying Light 2 flips the RPG around

Chris Avellone Wants to Flip RPG Standards Upside Down With Dying Light 2

Bring it on, Avellone! Slicing those zombies, pen-and-paper style.

Dying Light 2’s Praise is Long Overdue

It’s about time!

Dying Light 2’s Frame Rate is a Priority for Developer Techland

“The most important [thing] for us is the fluidity of movement,” says developers Techland about its upcoming open-world, first-person zombie survival game, Dying Light 2.

best of e3 2018

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

It was another great year for games.

Dying Light 2 Preview

E3 2018 Preview: Running in Dying Light 2’s Narrative Playground

In the daytime, humans are the greater threat.

Dying Light 2 battle royale

Dying Light 2 Won’t Feature a Battle Royale Mode

Techland is still planning multiplayer-related surprises, however.

Dying Light 2 branching narrative

E3 2018: Techland Presents Choices in Dying Light 2’s Branching Narrative

If you’re gonna betray someone, betray them with conviction.

Dying Light 2 E3 2018 trailer

E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Parkour and Choices

Time to slice those zombies in parkour mode!