Dying Light 2 Details Fall and Winter 2023 Content

Dying Light 2 Roadmap Details Fall and Winter 2023 Content

Developer Techland revealed its plans for Dying Light 2‘s fall and winter 2023 content on Thursday. The developer some of the new missions, activities, and special Halloween events coming to the game soon.

What will Dying Light 2’s fall and winter 2023 content be?

Techland shared a brief sneak peek into what fans can expect in the coming months thanks to a brand roadmap of sorts. The image teases a variety of big updates set to come for free in the game, including new missions, firearms, and a Tower Raid. Other changes to game will include more in-game things, like the ability to refine weapons, new enemy variants, and more.

A full list of what was teased to arrive in Dying Light 2’s fall and winter content is as follows:

  • Weapon Repairing
  • New Enemy Variants
  • Knives and Polearms
  • Free Outfits
  • Text Chat
  • Gear and Mod Dismantling
  • New Weapon Rarity
  • New Difficulty: Nightmare
  • Finishers
  • Explosive Knives & Throwing Stars
  • Bloom On/Off Switch
  • Community Mods Support

Alongside the changes to the game, Techland also hinted at a few big events and crossovers to come. In October, a crossover between Vampire: The Masquerade will arrive in the game, as will a Halloween event toward the end of the month. In November, the world of For Honor will collide with Dying Light 2 for a crossover, and in December, a winter celebration event begins.

Finally, Techland plans to celebrate the second anniversary of the game’s release in 2024, which is likely to take place sometime around February.