Dying Light 2 Getting New Nightmare Mode

Dying Light 2 Getting New Nightmare Mode

Developer Techland has announced that a new Nightmare Difficulty Mode is coming to Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Inspired by a similar mode in the first game, it offers a much more challenging and immersive experience for veteran players. It arrives as part of a more extensive update later this week, though Techland hasn’t set an exact date.

Dying Light 2’s Nightmare mode offers a challenging experience for hardcore players

Techland explained Nightmare Mode in a blog post on Monday. In addition to buffing enemy stats, the mode takes away several HUD elements. “To notice an enemy,” the post reads, “you will need to rely on your eyes and ears, instead of checking the UI markers.” Volatiles, Dying Light 2’s special infected types, are also a lot more dangerous in this mode. Meanwhile, Nightmare rebalances items like boosters to encourage more tactical thinking. It also brings back the first game’s flickering flashlight for added immersion.

Much of that should be familiar to those who played Nightmare Mode in the original game. However, the Dying Light 2 version also has some new features. For example, it introduces what Techland calls Tactical Stamina, reducing stamina regeneration and making running out more punishing. Traveling at night is also more dangerous in general, and players will notice that Inhibitors grant less Immunity in Nightmare Mode. Nightmare Mode also overhauls chases to be more intense and adds a fifth level, spawning the stronger and faster Volatile Tyrants.

Interestingly, Nightmare Mode makes co-op more difficult than single-player due to its scaling challenges. Co-op players must coordinate and communicate to survive in the much deadlier environment.

This new mode might seem incredibly punishing, but that’s the point. Techland designed Nightmare Mode to offer a challenging new experience for expert players who have already mastered Dying Light 2’s systems. However, it’s not without rewards, as players who complete a playthrough on Nightmare Mode unlock a new outfit.