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dying light 2 factions

Here’s How Dying Light 2 Factions Have Changed Since the Original

Factions seems as though they’re being cleverly integrated into the story.

dying light 2 choices

Players Create Their Own Version of Dying Light 2’s City With Their Choices

Choice and consequence seems to be one of Dying Light 2’s key pillars.

dying light 2 zombies

Techland Doesn’t Consider Dying Light 2 a Zombie Game

During the day, the infected take a backseat to the humans.

skill trees

The Skill Trees’ Attempt to Escape From Their Past Influence

Skill trees are branching out from their roots of the past.

Dying Light 2 choices

Players’ Choices Shape Dying Light 2’s World

Nuance will reign supreme.

Dying Light 2 Engine improvements

New Dying Light 2 Engine Has Smart Enemies, Highly Detailed World

Techland’s new tech seems impressive.

Dying Light 2 flips the RPG around

Chris Avellone Wants to Flip RPG Standards Upside Down With Dying Light 2

Bring it on, Avellone! Slicing those zombies, pen-and-paper style.

Dying Light 2’s Frame Rate is a Priority for Developer Techland

“The most important [thing] for us is the fluidity of movement,” says developers Techland about its upcoming open-world, first-person zombie survival game, Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Preview

E3 2018 Preview: Running in Dying Light 2’s Narrative Playground

In the daytime, humans are the greater threat.

Dying Light 2 battle royale

Dying Light 2 Won’t Feature a Battle Royale Mode

Techland is still planning multiplayer-related surprises, however.

Dying Light 2 branching narrative

E3 2018: Techland Presents Choices in Dying Light 2’s Branching Narrative

If you’re gonna betray someone, betray them with conviction.

Dying Light 2 E3 2018 trailer

E3 2018: Dying Light 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Parkour and Choices

Time to slice those zombies in parkour mode!

Dying Light Bad Blood preview

GDC 2018 – Hands on With Dying Light: Bad Blood

Does this standalone expansion work well or is it all in vein?

Dying Light Bad Blood preview

Check Out 10 Mins of Dying Light: Bad Blood Gameplay

Evacuate before the night falls.

Dying Light “Undying Love” Community Event is Now Live in the Game

Partner up and tackle some co-op missions.

Dying Light Honors Anniversary With Month-Long Celebration

Tons of stuff coming this month.

Dying Light Developer Techland Discusses the Upcoming Year of Free DLC

New enemies, events, and mysteries are coming.

Dying Light update 1.13 patch notes

Dying Light Is Getting 10 Pieces of Free DLC Over the Next 12 Months

Expect new gameplay mechanics, mysteries, and locations.

Dying Light Zombiefest 2 Underway for Christmas Weekend, GTA Online Adds Special “Explosive” Gift

Tons of goodies on offer this weekend!

Techland Reveals There’s a “Big” Number of People Playing Pirated Copies of Dying Light

Techland thinks it could have done a better job marketing-wise.