Dying Light 2 Update Trailer Highlights Scarier Nights, New Parkour

Dying Light 2 Update Trailer Highlights Scarier Nights, New Parkour

The next Dying Light 2 update has big changes in store for the open-world zombie title. It’s making sizable tweaks to its nighttime and parkour systems, both of which were highlighted in a recent trailer.

The Dying Light 2 update is making nights more deadly

This Good Night, Good Luck update, as Techland has dubbed it, is dropping on June 29 and is making nighttime darker and more dangerous. Some of this comes in the form of Volatiles, the big monsters with the bisected bottom jaw, roaming the streets. Techland initially talked about how players avoided nighttime in the original game because it was too dangerous, which is why the sequel’s nighttime gameplay was so different. This update is likely meant to bring back some of that tension from the first game, especially since some fans of the original Dying Light criticized the changes found in Dying Light 2.

The parkour-related parts of the patch adds more parkour improvements like new animations, better air control, and the ability to maintain momentum. Dying Light 2 was criticized for its parkour and how it constantly slowed players down or stopped them in their tracks, as pointed out by a video from YouTuber Noviex that visualizes these criticisms through a Cheat Engine that displays the player’s velocity. There are also now two parkour styles — Physical and Assisted — that give players more or less control over their movement.

In addition to community maps making their way to the PC version and the Bloody Nights event that will have valuables to loot at night until July 13, Techland is also going to host a stream on June 29 at 11 a.m. PT. Techland will walk players through the update in the stream and break down the new additions, which are only briefly demonstrated in the trailer.

Techland’s five-year roadmap for Dying Light 2 is still ongoing, but it’s not clear what else is coming after this Good Night, Good Luck update. Its second story-based expansion was just delayed until 2024, but there hasn’t been a roadmap revealing what else is happening until then. This is also the second big update of 2023, as an April patch reworked the combat and gore systems.