Dying Light 2's The Walking Dead Event Kicks Off, Contains Multiple Cosmetics

Dying Light 2’s The Walking Dead Event Kicks Off, Contains Multiple TWD Cosmetics

It has already leaked and gotten some official details, but Dying Light 2‘s The Walking Dead event has now finally started. And with that start date comes more concrete information about what the event as a whole holds.

What is in the Walking Dead Dying Light 2 event?

  • Dying Light 2's The Walking Dead Event Kicks Off, Contains Multiple Cosmetics

This event will go until August 2 at 7 a.m. PT and have daily challenges that reward players with comic book covers for completing individual challenges (which are in the above slideshow) and a weapon charm for doing all seven. That much was already known, but Techland also revealed that players will receive Negan’s bat Lucille if they kill 850 enemies before the event ends. Everyone will get also Rick Grimes’ hat if the community collectively achieves 160 million kills during the event.

Dying Light 2, The Walking Dead Crossover Detailed

Those who want more The Walking Dead cosmetics in the game can purchase the Walking Dead bundle, which was one of the earlier parts of the event that leaked. It includes Negan’s bat and knife, as well as Michonne’s katana and blueprints for all three. As for cosmetics, it has a whole Rick Grimes outfit and Walking Dead-themed paraglider skin. The entire bundle is $7.99, one dollar more than most of the other premium bundles.

This event comes to celebrate The Walking Dead’s 20th anniversary and is a part of Dying Light 2’s Summer of Horrors. Summer of Horrors started with a huge update for the open-world zombie game that made nighttime more threatening and reworked the parkour, both of which were aspects that certain fans of the first game disliked about the sequel.