Horizon Forbidden West gameplay state of play

Watch the Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay State of Play Stream Right Here

Today’s the day! We finally get to see 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay via a 20 minute PlayStation State of Play presentation. You can watch the gameplay reveal in the ebmedded YouTube video below.

The show first starts at 9am PT/12pm ET with a “uniquely crafted countdown” that will last for five hours. The 20-minute main event featuring 14 minutes of gameplay is happening at 2pm PT/5pm ET. This mirrors a similar structure to the Death Stranding live stream that ultimately revealed the release date for the Hideo Kojima game back in 2019. Will we get a Horizon Forbidden West release date on today’s show? What’s that extra six minutes reserved for? Time will tell, and we’re closer than ever before so strap in and enjoy the show.

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay State of Play

The Horizon Forbidden West gameplay State of Play is our first look at the highly anticipated sequel’s gameplay following its initial announcement nearly a year ago with a cinematic trailer. While we don’t yet have a firm release date, Sony has remained committed to a 2021 release window for the game. With Sony Santa Monica’s God of War sequel expected to be getting pushed into 2022, speculation puts Horizon Forbidden West in late fall to give Sony a big flagship first-party title just in time for the holidays. Still others are hoping for something earlier in August or September, though Ratchet and Clank’s June release might cause Sony to space out its releases a bit further.

PlayStation’s been rather coy about what we’ll see on the show. The video’s description simply says “Join Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West, a deadly frontier that conceals mysterious new threats.” We simply know that we’ll get about 14 minutes of gameplay and that the stream will last for 20 minutes, excluding the five hour countdown beforehand.

What are you hoping to see on today’s gameplay reveal State of Play? Hop down to the comments below to discuss the countdown, gameplay, and whatever other surprises are shown.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year.