Death Stranding Gets a November Release Date and Collector’s Edition

After what felt like years of waiting, the much-hyped Death Stranding stream revealed a new full trailer, which included some surprises. As many had speculated, the newest look at Hideo Kojima’s newest game ended with a release date. To the surprise of many though, it’s set to release later in 2019. We’ll see it on November 8th, to be exact. This date had originally leaked prior to the stream. In addition, it’s officially available for preorder now, following another leak earlier.

Take a look at the newest Death Stranding trailer here:

The almost nine-minute trailer, while still mysterious in many ways, is the clearest look we’ve gotten at Death Stranding thus far. It shows off a variety of new gameplay mechanics, including combat, while also showcasing the high-profile names attached to the project.

In addition to finally getting a release date, we also got plenty of preorder information. Fans certainly aren’t starved for options when it comes to the number of Death Stranding editions. All preorders, including the standard edition, will immediately give players some cosmetic rewards to use before Death Stranding releases. The rewards include a PSN avatar of a chibi-fied Ludens mascot image, as well as a dynamic PS4 theme. Additionally, you’ll receive exclusive gold-tinted versions of the Sam’s Sunglasses, Hat, Armor Plate, and Speed Skeleton when you finally play Death Stranding.

However, for those who want to go the extra mile, there’s plenty to show off your excitement for Death Stranding. The “Special Edition” comes in an exclusive Steelbook case, as well as a gold Ludens Mask you can earn in-game. Some non-game bonuses include a digital Death Stranding soundtrack and behind-the-scenes video of the soundtrack’s creation. The “Digital Deluxe” version of Death Stranding comes with all of the above (minus the steelbook case, obviously), as well as some extra content. You’ll get even more gold in-game items, including the Power Skeleton, All-Terrain Skeleton, and the Level 2 Gold Armor Plate.

Finally, for the superfan, there’s the Death Stranding Collector’s Edition. It includes everything included with the other versions, plus some real-life collectibles, like the BRIDGES cargo case and the Ludens keychain. The big seller, however, is the life-sized BB Pod statue. We’re not sure what you’d do with it, but it’s certainly intriguing.

With a November release date official, we only have a few short months until Death Stranding is finally out in the wild. It will release on November 8, 2018. While preorders aren’t live on Amazon quite yet, they should go up very soon.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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