The Last of Us Part II Is Reportedly Due Out in Early 2020

With all of the Death Stranding hype currently being fueled by Hideo Kojima and Sony, a few secrets were bound to slip through the cracks. Curiously, they do not all exclusively concern Kojima’s highly-anticipated project. While rumblings of a November 2019 release date for Death Stranding are making the rounds, another PlayStation 4 exclusive has similar rumors swirling around it. Apparently, The Last of Us Part II will hit store shelves early in 2020.

This bit of information, which has yet to be corroborated, comes from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier. Allegedly, the Naughty Dog sequel was originally meant to arrive sometime in Fall 2019. However, these plans have been tossed to the wayside, as a 2020 release date is now supposedly being eyed by Sony. In fact, Schreier claims The Last of Us follow-up could “possibly” launch in February 2020.

Schreier addressed this report in response to a Twitter post regarding Death Stranding’s rumored November 2019 release date. See his tweet linked below:

Though this rumor should be take with a grain of salt, The Last of Us Part II potentially launching in early 2020 doesn’t sound farfetched. Filming wrapped on the title a little over a month ago. Since then, we’ve learned the game’s development is nearing its end. However, the latter reveal did come with the announcement that Naughty Dog is still hiring developers to help “close out” the project. As such, as of now, it seems difficult to gauge what stage of development The Last of Us sequel is presently in. Perhaps Naughty Dog will be ready to talk shop as the E3 2019 festivities draws near.

[Source: Jason Schreier on Twitter]