Filming Wraps for Joel and Ellie on The Last of Us Part II

Production on The Last of Us Part II has reached yet another milestone. According to Creative Director Neil Druckmann, filming for Joel and Ellie officially wrapped. In announcing the news, Druckmann called it the “most ambitious cinematic shoot we’ve ever done.” When fans can expect to see what makes the sequel so ambitious remains to be seen.

Druckmann took to Twitter to reveal that filming had wrapped on the two characters. The post was complete with a heartfelt caption and emotional image of stars Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker in their mocap suits. See the post below:

This production milestone on The Last of Us Part II comes not long after a few other notable ones. Just recently, Laura Bailey, who is playing an unnamed character, wrapped her performance capture work, as well. Shortly thereafter, the sequel’s final scene was shot. It’s unclear where this leaves production on the game overall. However, a post on Naughty Dog’s Twitter page did note that “all planned cinematic shoots” are now complete.

Naturally, the news has left fans reeling, pondering whether a 2019 release date is still possible. The general consensus seems to be The Last of Us Part II won’t launch this year. Yet, fans have noted that filming for the original title didn’t conclude until December 2012, with the game hitting stores the following June. This detail turned a few heads when the following tweet from Druckmann resurfaced:

While no one should hold their breath waiting for a 2019 release date, it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

[Source: Neil Druckmann on Twitter]