Death Stranding Preorder PSN Details Have Seemingly Surfaced

Kojima and his team have been teasing us with Death Stranding news lately. The long-awaited game was seemingly far from release, based on what was revealed about its developmental timeline. But with an trailer being released on May 29,2019, and the fact that a user grabbed an image of preorder details early from the PlayStation Store, Death Stranding’s release seems like it might be closer than we expected.

Below, you’ll see a series of tweets from a reputable user known as Wario64. He retweeted an image that a user sent him, which showed interesting details pertaining to the game’s preorder bonus content.

According to the listing, preordering Death Stranding through the PSN will net you the following:

  • PS4 Dynamic Theme
  • PSN Avatar (Chibi Ludens)
  • Gold “Sam” Sunglasses – In-game item
  • Gold Armor Plate – In-game item
  • Gold Hat – In-game item
  • Gold Speed Skeleton – In-game item

As of the writing of this article, preorders do not seem to be available via PSN on a web browser or the PS4 itself, but considering how authentic the image looks in the tweet, the wait shouldn’t be long.

The video being teased for later today might give us a solid release date, as well as other details. Since Death Stranding’s announcement, we’ve gotten a series of cryptic trailers with some dark and interesting imagery, but the mysterious nature of it is still ever-present.

We know that “connections” will play an integral role, but to what capacity is unknown. It’s also speculated that Death Stranding will have some sort of multiplayer component, but it’s unclear how that will be implemented.

Many of our questions will likely be answered later today with the game’s newest trailer, but that will likely kick off even more wild speculation about what Death Stranding actually is.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all things Death Stranding as more information becomes available.

[Source: Twitter]