Rockstar Aware of Lost Characters/Progress in Grand Theft Auto Online, Working on a Fix

While the latest patch for Grand Theft Auto V may have fixed some connection issues in Grand Theft Auto Online, numerous players are reporting that their character has been deleted, something that Rockstar is aware of and trying to fix:

We have received reports from some players who experienced losing characters, progress, items, and/or in-game cash during the first few days after release. We are working diligently to identify and correct the causes for these losses, as well as to establish how best to restore any lost progress and value.

The latest update from them reads as follows:

We are continuing to investigate the causes of the lost progress and what can be done to minimize the impact until a permanent fix is in place. Also, we have not forgotten about the requests for restoration. We are in the process of determining the options for addressing the issues for those players who have been affected. Please stay tuned for further updates here.

Rockstar also posted a few helpful reminders/tips regarding Grand Theft Auto Online data loss prevention:

When the Rockstar Cloud Services are unavailable, you are given the option to still play online on disc-based content (rather than R* Cloud content). You are asked to confirm before entering Multiplayer whether you would like to play on a temporary character, without the ability to save. If you confirm this option, please note that none of your old characters will be available for that play session, and the temporary character you create will not be saved. If you want to make sure the characters you create are saved, you should not proceed into GTA Online when the R* Cloud Servers are unavailable. Even if the services come back up while you are playing on a temporary character, that temporary character will not save — you would need to return to Single Player and re-enter GTA Online to load your non-temporary characters and resume playing with the ability to save progress.

When exiting GTA Online, please pause the game and choose to return to Single Player. This will trigger a save and ensure that progress since the last auto-save is recorded. If you purchase items and immediately power the console off or exit through console system menus, those items may not be saved.

Please do NOT use the “Retry” button after receiving the message “Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable” as this may result in loss of character data. If you are trying to access GTA Online and Rockstar Cloud Servers are unavailable, please exit to GTAV Story Mode and try entering GTA Online again through the Pause menu in Story Mode. We will be issuing a title update that will fix this issue as soon as possible.

We’ll let you know once Rockstar announces a fix for all these issues.

Have you been affected by character deletion? Let us know in the comments below.