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Sucker Punch on inFamous: Second Son: We Were Ready “To do Another Cole Game”, Ken Schramm Explains Why They Didn’t

Since this story delves into major spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed inFamous 2, turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined.

Still here?

Okay, let’s begin.

With Sucker Punch deciding to put newcomer Delsin Rowe in the starring role of inFamous: Second Son, they decided to go with the inFamous 2 ending that saw Cole die, a move settled upon after reading the trophy data.

How Sucker Punch came to the decision of using the trophy data was actually pretty simple, as Brand Development Director Ken Schramm told Press-Start:

After making inFamous 1 and inFamous 2… We were full on board, ready to do another Cole game. So, we were in probably a conference room somewhere and one of the guys said “Well, why don’t we look at the trophy data? It’s a game about choice, why don’t we make the fans decide what we’re gonna do?’ So we did!

So we looked at the trophy data and it was overwhelmingly that they played the good side. So we went with the good ending and we made a game… there’s no Cole in the good ending so there you go! A brand new hero was born.

Earlier, Ken revealed that inFamous: Second Son still have 4-5 months left in development, and in this latest interview, he said that we can expect the game “in the beginning of 2014,” meaning the planned February 2014 date could be shifted slightly.

Do you think Sucker Punch might release some Second Son DLC that brings us Cole in some way? Let us know in the comments below.