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inFamous: Second Son’s PS4 Story Reasoning Explained, Involved Sucker Punch Looking at Trophy Data

[Important] Since this story delves into major spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed inFamous 2, turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined.

Still here?

Okay, let’s begin.

Going along with inFamous: Second Son being featured on the latest magazine cover, and a bunch of new information being detailed, Game Informer has now published a video for the PS4 title (no gameplay, sadly), discussing a few different topics in respect to development.

As we previously told you, Second Son takes place following the events at the end of inFamous 2 where Cole has died. The DUP has been formed to police the Conduits of the world, with Delsin Rowe taking over the main character position, after discovering he has powers during a transport crash in Seattle.

Speaking in that video, Nate Fox, Game Director on inFamous : Second Son, revealed why they went with the ending where Cole dies:

We started seeing trophy data and 78 percent of players decided to sacrifice Cole. So we wanted to honor their choice. Moving forward onto the next game we said, “Alright, well Cole’s dead, people have voted for this, let’s make a new hero.” And that’s where Delsin came from, really.

What do you think of Sucker Punch’s reasoning for choosing this inFamous 2 ending to continue the inFamous storyline? Let us know in the comments below.