The Amazing Spider-Man Finally Confirmed for PlayStation Vita, Release Date set for November 19th

Finally confirming months old leaks that we originally uncovered, Sony has revealed that The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to the PlayStation Vita, with a release date of November 19th in North America and “later this year” in Europe.

Priced at a full $39.99, The Amazing Spider-Man is said to be “a handheld version of the original PS3 title,” with it looking as though the free DLC that was included with the Wii U version won’t be included. Like that PS3 version though, you can expect the story to be new and original, taking place following the events of the movie.

Looking at the PlayStation Vita’s specific features, there’s the Web Rush system, which allows you to use the touchscreen to perform various actions. As well, you can use the touchscreen to move around the mini-map and set waypoints, while the gyroscope lets you take pictures by aiming the Vita like a camera.

Do you plan on buying The Amazing Spider-Man for PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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