Flower, Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, flOw all Coming to the PS4 in November 2013 With Cross Buy

Bolstering the PS4’s launch lineup this year even further, Sony has announced that Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, and flOw will release for the new system this November, complete with Cross Buy, meaning that if you’ve bought any of these games previously, you get the PS4/PS Vita version for free. The previously announced Flower on PS4/PS Vita will also include Cross Buy.

Since some of the games have different release dates – and some are coming to PS Vita as well – check out the information on each title below:

Flower (1080p/60fps)

  • Release Date on PS4/PS Vita: November 15th (North America), November 29th (Europe)

Sound Shapes

  • Release Date on PS4: November 15th (NA), November 29th (EU)


  • Release Date on PS4/PS Vita: November 29th (NA), November 29th (EU)

Escape Plan

  • Release Date on PS4: November 29th (NA), November 29th (EU)

With the announcement of these new PS4 (and PS Vita) games, be sure to check out our updated November 2013 release date page and PS4 launch title page.

Are you going to buy any of these PS4/PS Vita games? Will you be getting any of them for free since you’ve already bought them? Let us know in the comments below.

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