Sony: “Still No Word” on Journey for PS4, Will “Do Everything in Our Power” to Continue Bringing PS3 Games to PS4

After the announcement that Flower, flOw, Escape Plan, and Sound Shapes would all be coming to the PlayStation 4 next month, people naturally had some further questions regarding these new ports, as well as the inevitable question of Journey coming to the PS4.

Giving out some answers was Eric Fong, Associate Producer at Santa Monica Studio, where he revealed, “We don’t have plans to make Flower PS Move compatible, but it’s always a possibility. Still no word on Journey [for PS4] :(.” Also, while 3D isn’t “currently part of the plan” for Flower on PS4, Eric knows “a guy who knows a guy ;),” so there might be a chance.

With Flower and floW including Cross Buy, numerous people who bought the Journey Collector’s Edition wondered if they’d be eligible to receive the PS4 versions of those games for free. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening, as Eric explained:

Sorry, this only applies to the digitial version of the game purchased through the PS Store. We really don’t have a way to determine what PSN accounts own physical copies of games 🙁

As for trophies on all these Cross Buy titles, they will be separate, meaning “you will have to unlock them on your new platform.”

Looking at Escape Plan, the DLC that is available for PS Vita will also be available for the PS4 version.

Finally, Eric said “we’ll do our best to keep them coming” and “we’ll do everything in our power to continue this trend [of bringing PS3 games to PS4], but may not for reasons out of our control.”

What other PS3 games would you like to see brought to PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

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