DICE on Battlefield 4: “We’re Pushing the PS4, Xbox One”, Making Sure PS3/360 Versions Look “Way Better” Than Battlefield 3

Just by looking at some of the videos for Battlefield 4, you can tell that this is going to be a very good looking game when it releases on the PlayStation 3 this October 29th and PlayStation 4 this November 15th/29th.

As part of an interview between OXM and Executive Producer Patrick Bach earlier this week, the notion that the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4 will be held to a higher standard was brought up. After Bach compared it to Battlefield 3 and how people kept nagging them about how they “had a game that looked amazing on PS3 and Xbox 360, but it didn’t look as good as on PC,” he continued:

It was like, you should compare it to other games on the same platform. And people said, ‘Okay, but still, why doesn’t it look as good as on PC? You don’t care about the consoles.’ Well, we’re pushing your hardware as hard as we can, and I’m quite certain that we’ll get that this summer as well – because we are pushing the PC, we’re pushing the Xbox One and we’re pushing the PS4, and also making sure that the Xbox 360 and PS3 software looks amazing, way better than it did for Battlefield 3.

Patrick added how he knows people will still post Battlefield 4 comparison videos across all the systems, “rather than comparing us to other games on the platforms. You could take the coward’s way out, and just set the bar at Xbox 360 and PS3, and make it so that all games look the same on all platforms, but that’s not who we are. We want to do our best with the hardware.”

Do you think it’s fair to compare the PC version of Battlefield 4 to the console versions? Let us know in the comments below.