inFamous: Second Son’s Pre-Order Exclusive Cole’s Legacy DLC Won’t be Sold in the PlayStation Store

When it comes to “exclusive pre-order bonuses,” the general rule of thumb is that they’ll stay exclusive for a month or two, then developers will release the packs on the PlayStation Store for a small amount of money, giving everyone who missed it previously to get their hands on it.

Looking at inFamous: Second Son and the Cole’s Legacy DLC that comes within the many special editions announced today, they made a point to emphasize how it will be exclusive only to these editions. Naturally, people were still skeptical about it, which prompted Associate Product Marketing Manager of Software Marketing Cristian Cardona to say:

Nope. [Cole’s Legacy is] only available via these deals. We won’t be selling it via the Store.

So, if you’re still skeptical about Cole’s Legacy never coming to the PlayStation Store, bookmark this post and keep your eyes peeled next year to see if they decide to release it separately.

Do you think Cole’s Legacy will hit the PS Store eventually? Let us know in the comments below.