Shuhei Yoshida on Playing One PS4 Game on 2 Systems at the Same Time, Improved PS4 2014 Line-Up; Headset Info “Coming Soon”

With Shuhei Yoshida giving us the sad news about DriveClub being delayed until 2014 this morning, he spent a good chunk of time on his Twitter account apologizing to those who really wanted to play the game next month.

Putting a positive spin on the delay and how the PS4 launch lineup is “getting weaker”, the ever-cheery Shuhei said, “Sorry about it, please consider the early 2014 line up is now stronger.” And when it comes to alternate driving games you can get with your PS4, that’s “[Need for Speed], I suppose.”

When Knack was announced for pre-order on the PlayStation Store earlier this week, we let you know how you’ll be able to download the game on two different PS4’s, as long as the purchasing account was registered on both. Shuhei Yoshida gave out a little more clarification about this when a married man asked about it:

[Your wife] can play on your “home” machine and you can play on another at the same time.

Unfortunately, Shuhei didn’t elaborate any further on the logistics of this, so we’ll have to take it at face value.

Now, moving onto the PS4 headset situation, Turtle Beach sent out a statement (via IGN), confirming which of their headsets will work at launch:

The new Turtle Beach PX4 wireless surround sound headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console, at launch, right out of the box. The headset will be widely available in stores in time for the PlayStation 4 launch. The XP510 and PX51 wireless headsets that were introduced earlier this year will also be fully compatible in the same manner.

Since there are still many questions regarding compatibility for other headsets, Shuhei said, “Official info coming soon, so [please] wait a bit.” We’ll let you know when Sony sends out official info about headsets on PS4.

Also, the PS4 will have multi-region PSN accounts like the PS3.

Are you going to get Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 (which doesn’t come out until 1 week after console launch in the US/Canada) to fill the racing void left by DriveClub? Let us know in the comments below.