Sony Clarifies: “All” PS3 Digital Content Won’t Transfer Over to PS4

Earlier today a rumor spread out from the GAME Basildon Twitter account about how “ALL your digital content from your PS3 WILL carry over on to your PS4!” Quick to clarify that this is completely false, the European PlayStation Twitter account said:

Hi guys, this isn’t true. We can say that officially.

GAME Basildon then followed up by adding, “Thank you for the clarification. There must have been a miscommunication our end. Sincerest apologies to all!”

Since Sony had previously said the PS4 wouldn’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games – physical or digital – and Gaikai is coming out next year, this move GAME Basildon alleged would have been very shocking.

What’s interesting about GAME Basildon is how they went into detail about the information, before it was debunked by Sony. For example, they said, “We did ask questions, and those were the answers we got. Couldn’t speak on something we weren’t told”, “aim to be implemented in 2014”, and “[The Last of Us] played on your Vita, streamed from your PS4 that you bought digitally for your PS3!”

It’s definitely weird how there could have been this big of a “miscommunication,” but rest assured that PS3 digital content won’t be transferring over to PS4.