Gaikai’s North American Launch in 2014 Begins With a “Certain Number” of PS3 Games on PS4, PS3, PS Vita & PS Vita TV

While we’ve known for awhile that North America would be getting Gaikai access in early-ish 2014, Shuhei Yoshida offered up a few more details about the service in a roundtable today (via Edge):

We are planning to start serving PS3 games on cloud servers in the States next year for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita – and that means PS Vita TV as well – and expand in regions and content. And as far as content is concerned, the first games that will exist will be PS3 games. We’d like to offer a variety of games, because with video services like Netflix or Hulu, you just want to browse through different movies, watch five minutes and if you’re bored you can move on to something else – and that’s part of the fun. But we have to make sure that the game can work through the internet, so we have to go through certification for each title. So we’ll start with a certain number of titles and gradually expand the library.

Based on that quote, it would seem as though Shuhei just confirmed PlayStation Vita TV for North America, but when he was asked about it coming to Europe or North America, he said, “We just announced a release in Asia, but we have no plans yet for Western markets.”

As for Gaikai in Europe, Shuhei just offered up that “we don’t have specific timing to talk about.”

What are some PS3 games you’d like to see at Gaikai launch? Let us know in the comments below.

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