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“We Don’t Have to Set a Hard Date” for PlayStation Now, Says Gaikai CEO

The subscription option is planned to arrive during the open beta.

PlayStation Now Early Impression: Noticeable Lag, Graphics Depend on Bandwidth, More

Our time is now (well, maybe Summer 2014).

PS4 has Sold Through 2.1 Million Units Worldwide as of December 1st, 2013

Gaikai to launch with “critically acclaimed” PS3 games next year in the US.

Rumor: Gaikai Coming to North America in Q3 2014, Europe in 2015

Andrew House says Gaikai is “on track” for a 2014 release in the US.

Sony on PS4: Over 30 Games to be Available “By the end of the Year”, Gaikai Coming to the “US in 2014”

What about Canada and Europe?

Andrew House on Gaikai in North America: “Probably at the Beginning We’ll Operate it as a Beta Test”

Betas are always a good idea.

Shuhei Yoshida Says Sony Wants to Expand PlayStation Games to More Devices, Considering PC, TVs, Blu-ray Players, Smartphones and Tablets

So when can I play The Last Guardian on my tablet?

Gaikai’s North American Launch in 2014 Begins With a “Certain Number” of PS3 Games on PS4, PS3, PS Vita & PS Vita TV

Sony doesn’t have any plans yet for a North American or European release of PlayStation Vita TV. Or do they?

PlayStation 4 To Utilize Gaikai, Encourage Social Interaction Says Nikkei

Cloud tech will be integrated into PlayStation 4. But how?

Daily Reaction: What Do PS3 Games on Mobile, PC and TV Really Mean?

Taking their IPs into Uncharted waters.

Nvidia: Next Generation of Gaming Consoles Will be the Last as Cloud Gaming Takes Over

The end is nigh.

OnLive’s Patents Could be Used to “Sue the Shit Out of” Gaikai

Oh shit.

Breaking Reaction: What if Microsoft Bought OnLive?

Is this what the Mayan’s were predicting?

Daily Reaction: Is GameStop’s Cloud Service a Threat to Gaikai and Consoles?

A GameStop of Thrones.