“We Don’t Have to Set a Hard Date” for PlayStation Now, Says Gaikai CEO

Officially live in the United States and Canada on PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Now open beta allows you rent over 100 PlayStation 3 games for a fee and stream them directly through the console.

As PlayStation Now Senior Director Jack Buser revealed earlier this week, Sony is working on getting a subscription option up soon, and in a new interview with Wired, Gaikai CEO David Perry said, “Subscription is by far the thing that the gamers keep writing to me about,” adding that it is aimed to arrive at some point during the open beta.

But when will the open beta end and PlayStation Now officially launch? Perry says they don’t have to set a firm launch date:

We don’t have to set a hard date. We’ve got the luxury of time… instead of being a start-up where I have to keep rushing out to get some more funding. […] It’s not like there’s nothing else happening on PlayStation and we have to get this thing launched.

With other streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify available, Perry acknowledges that they haven’t quite reached their heights yet:

We haven’t, still to this day, leveled the playing field with the various streaming services that are out there, Netflix and Spotify and things like that. There’s no easy way to just get at games, and until we can make it as easy as Netflix, we’re always going to be in a following role.

As for the near future of PlayStation Now, the open beta will extend to PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV and select 2014 Sony TVs “soon,” according to Buser.