Throne and Liberty MMO release date

MMO Throne and Liberty Sets PS5 Release Date & Open Beta

Korean MMORPG Throne and Liberty launches internationally for PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S later this year. However, players don’t need to wait until the fall to try it out, with an open beta coming to all platforms next month.

When is Throne and Liberty’s release date?

NCSoft and Amazon Games announced Throne and Liberty’s open beta and international release date in a new trailer and blog post. The MMO launched in Korea last year and releases internationally on September 17, 2024. Meanwhile, players can try it out early by signing up for the open beta, which runs from July 18 to July 23. PS5 users will be able to download the beta from the game’s page on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, the game will not require players to have an Amazon account or PS Plus subscription.

The long-delayed sequel to the 1998 MMO Lineage, Throne, and Liberty takes players to the fantasy world of Solisium. Players take the role of adventurers searching for fragments of the magical Star of Sylaveth. These fragments hold great power but also drew the attention of a malevolent being called Kazar the Wraith of Conquest. Players must gather the fragments to defeat Kazar’s monstrous Arkeum Legion, led by the evil sorceress Calanthia.

However, it’s not just the Legion that players must worry about as they battle rival guilds for supremacy. In addition to open-world PVP, Throne and Liberty features PVP dungeons, territory control battles, and massive castle assaults featuring thousands of players simultaneously.