WSJ: PS4 Will Cloud Stream PS3 Games With Gaikai, In Lieu of Standard Backwards Compatibility

Echoing what we all thought ever since we uncovered PS3 games on the Gaikai cloud gaming website, The Wall Street Journal reports that Gaikai will stream PS3 games to PS4 users.

New games for PS4, however, won’t be on the service (at least to start) and they will be only available on disc and PSN. As the PS4 is heavily thought to be moving away from the cell and NVidia to AMD, local backwards compatibility will be impossible/too difficult, so using Gaikai will be their way of offering an alternative (at least to people with good internet).

While WSJ doesn’t mention it, the PS3 games likely won’t only be available on PS4, as we’ve uncovered job listings for iOS, Android and TVs (something we discussed on Daily Reaction).

Can you see yourself embracing the cloud? Or is your data cap too archaic? Let us know what you think in the comments below.