Sony’s Gaikai is Coming to Android, iOS “and Other Mobile Devices”

After we discovered that Gaikai’s new site is literally teeming with reveals of AAA games coming to the service, we didn’t stop digging, finding stuff like the above humorous image, and some more new information – Gaikai is coming to Android, iOS and more.

Job listings often leave much to the imagination, so it’s hard to know what they are working on, but Gaikai’s listing for an “Android/Java Programmer” is incredibly obvious. It states:


  • Successfully get Gaikai running on Android and other mobile devices
  • Help design and build UI for Gaikai and affiliated pages in order to optimize visual and functional appeal for Android and other mobile devices
  • Work closely with the tech team and ensure all designs meet specifications and standards for the web, and have cross-platform usability and accessibility
  • Find innovative ways to incorporate new ideas into the mobile user experience

And before you think that Android is the only focus, it mentions that applicants must have “Experience in application development for multiple platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)”.

On top of that, the Senior Programmer’s responsibilities are to “Create/maintain iPhone/iPad (or other) client”.

Previously, PSLS exclusively uncovered that Gaikai was working on bringing their platform to iOS devices prior to the Sony buyout.

Interestingly, we also spotted this image on their server:

With Gaikai coming to as many mobiles as possible, it’d only make sense that the service would be coming to Vita, and this image only seems to add to our beliefs.

Could you see yourself playing Uncharted 3 on your phone? Would you want it to force you to connect a DualShock, or support touch screen gaming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.