Gaikai Teases Uncharted, Mass Effect, God of War, Killzone, Modern Warfare, and More on Their Cloud Platform

While Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai was a huge move in the games industry, no one knew just how much support the cloud gaming platform would get from their new parent company, and when. Now, we’ve spotted a bunch of teases by the company at the level of games they’ll be streaming – and some pretty big names are included.

While earlier rumors by some sites claimed that only PS2 games would initially be streamed, or only PC-compatible games, the following images (taken from Gaikai’s redesigned site) show otherwise. In the pictures below, we can see Mass Effect 3, Killzone 2/3, Metal Gear Rising, Modern Warfare, Uncharted 2, inFamous 2 and LittleBigPlanet, as well as the PS2 games God of War 2 and Killzone 1 (both of which are also on PS3).

Interestingly, the third image has a blurred out panel next to Sackboy, hinting at as-yet unannounced games for the cloud service.

Click on the images to full screen:

The fact that the games on it are either out, or coming soon, does paint a promising picture for the service’s release window. They also teased more info soon, so we could likely end up finding out that the launch is actually rather soon.

Are you glad to hear that Sony will be bringing full AAA PS3 games to Gaikai, or do you just not care about cloud? Let us know in the comments below, and stick to PSLS for more Gaikai coverage imminently.

Update: Sony and Gaikai have declined to comment on the pictures.