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Capcom Shows off New IP “Deep Down” on PS4, Here’s the Trailer

Stop working on the title, work on the game.

Media Molecule Lets Gamers Sculpt in 3D with PS Move on PS4

How long before we see a 3D penis?

Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced for PS4, from Guerrilla Games

Nice, I can’t wait!

PlayStation Meeting 2013 Live Stream and Live Chat w/ Commentary

Tune in live on PSLS and join in on the discussion!

Daily Reaction: The Actual Price of the PS4: What it Means if PS World is a Premium Online Service

The Future of PlayStation is Xbox Live?

Final Evolution of PlayStation Vid Focuses on Games, Gran Turismo, Experimental Gameplay

I wanted to see multimedia applications instead…

Gaikai Registers PlayStation Cloud Domains Ahead of PS Meeting

A storm is coming.

PlayStation Vita Gets a Price Cut In Japan, All Eyes Turn to PS Meeting

Now all it needs is some system sellers.

Daily Reaction: Should we be Excited for the PS4’s DualShock 4 Controller?

Do these guys ever like anything?

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting Advertising Takes Shots At Competition

Jump out! Abandon ship. Swim on over to the Sony oasis.

Sony Books Huge Venue for PlayStation Meeting, Perfect Place for PS4 Reveal

7 days!

Fumito Ueda Gives Update On The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is STILL in development. Still. After all this time.

Daily Reaction: The Future of Bungie’s Destiny on Xbox 720 and PS4, Timed Exclusives and the PS Meeting

Stealing Sony’s thunder will only backfire.

Daily Reaction: Should PS4 and Xbox 720 Games Cost More?

More money more problems.

PlayStation 4 To Utilize Gaikai, Encourage Social Interaction Says Nikkei

Cloud tech will be integrated into PlayStation 4. But how?

Ask PSLS: Do you Think the PS4 Will be Out in 2013?

Well, do ya, punk?

Rumor: Two Next-Gen Racers and Guerrilla Games PS4 Project Revealing February 20th

So… many… new…. games…!