Media Molecule Lets Gamers Sculpt in 3D with PS Move on PS4

Media Molecule have been known for their ability to expand what has been thought of as conventional gaming, being one of the few developers to give players the ability to create something from their own imagination. With that, Evan Wells showed off a new piece of software on the PS4.

During his speech, Evan Wells showed off a tech demo that uses the PlayStation Move controller as a 3D sculpting device to make a number of interesting 3d models. From what appears to be a game that uses a similar control scheme to the professional art program, ZBrush, users are able to add and carve into virtual 3D objects in a manner similar to clay. What this piece of software means for gamers has yet to be detailed, but from the looks of it, it could be an interesting way for gamers to get used to developing virtual models, which they can then share.

Given Media Molecule’s history with development, the potential for this to be an amazing addition to a game is unrivaled, especially if they do announce a LittleBigPlanet 3.