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Capcom Shows off New IP “Deep Down” on PS4, Here’s the Trailer

Looking like a mix between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter, the video shown at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 is really a sight to see. Tentatively titled Deep Down, little is known about this game, as even the video states they haven’t even finalized the name. It doesn’t appear to be an exclusive, although it does look awesome.

Watching the trailer, it is hard to determine what the final product will look like, but the render was built to show off Capcom’s new Panta Rhei engine for the PS4. Looking simply astounding, the video reminds me of how hyped I was for Lair when it was shown on the PS3. Hopefully the comparisons between the two will stop at both of them containing  dragons. As, this game tasks you with playing as a knight who must venture into an icy cavern to duel the flame hurling beast, instead of waving a controller around as the dragon, hoping to not fly into a wall. At the end of the trailer, a message that seems to be the presenter Yoshi Ono getting a request from Capcom’s Blanka (Street Fighter), requesting assistance. Which seems to imply that the game will have some form of social aspect between players, but the full extent of features has yet to be unveiled. For now, check out the trailer showing off the power of the PS4:

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