Final Evolution of PlayStation Vid Focuses on Games, Gran Turismo, Experimental Gameplay

The last teaser for the PS4 PlayStation Meeting is finally here. After they first looked at the PSOne, then the PS2, the PS3 and then lumped the PSP and Vita into one post, everyone wondered what they’d talk about today. Turns out it’s games.

As you can see, most of the video is about Gran Turismo, which could be because it’s their most successful series and has been on every PS console, showing an obvious graphical evolution. Or it could be a tease.

The video also spends a lot of time on experimental games, which we’ve all come to love, so hopefully it means that the craziness won’t end next gen. Oh, and there’s Wonderbook, but no Uncharted.

Tune in tomorrow at 6PM EST to find out, right here on PSLS.