Killzone: Shadow Fall Announced for PS4, from Guerrilla Games

Shown today during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the latest game from Guerrilla Games, Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Shadow Fall seems to use much more of the color pallet than previous Killzone titles, which is a much needed change, as it was one of the biggest complains from fans. Followed with amazing visuals, and sound effects, this latest installment from Guerrilla Games stands to take the Killzone franchise to new levels.

As the demo shown at the PlayStation Meeting shows civilians running around, ducking for cover, and explosions that could rival big budget movies. The protagonist makes his way around stealthily dispatching Helghan, as well as using the normal array of goodies expected in a Killzone title.

Hopefully the footage shown at today’s event will not harken back to the infamous target video shown when Killzone 2 was originally announced, as we presume it was in-game. Either way, stay tuned to PSLS as more information is released, and wait for the trailer soon watch the trailer below: