PlayStation 4 To Utilize Gaikai, Encourage Social Interaction Says Nikkei

Japanese newspaper Nikkei has featured a report on the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation Meeting on February 20th. The report reaffirms something we’ve all been expecting: The PS4 will utilize Gaikai cloud technology—in what way it will use Gaikai, is still unknown.

The report also mentions that the PS4 will feature a new social sharing feature that seems similar in concept to Nintendo Wii U’s Miiverse, where you can exchange thoughts and opinions with other gamers while in-game, but hopefully sans the awful drawings (some of them are really great, though).

Nikkei also states that the PS4 will no longer use the Cell technology found in the PS3. This is also in line with previous reports.

We’re just 13 days away from Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2013 where we will finally “see the future”. For more information on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Meeting 2013, click here.

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