Rumor: Two Next-Gen Racers and Guerrilla Games PS4 Project Revealing February 20th

Sometimes when a rumor seems too good to be true, it usually is. However, these new rumors from STFUandPlay make sense given the upcoming PlayStation Meeting on February 20th—plus the claims have somewhat been corroborated on NeoGAF by a Polygon writer.

The site says that along with the speculated PlayStation 4 reveal coming in just two weeks time, Killzone-developer Guerrilla Games will be debuting their newest project, which could possibly the new IP that they’ve been working on for years now.

Along with that claim, the site says that two next-generation racers are being worked on for the PS4. First, Ged Talbot, lead designer on Blur and Project Gotham Racing titles has been hired by Evolution Studios—developer of the Motorstorm series on the PS3—to work on a racer that was pitched as the next Gran Turismo title. Sony Japan supposedly decided against it, and it’s become its own separate project.

The second racer is in development at Ivory Tower and is said to be the spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited.

Although we know something big is coming—the future, as Sony is calling it—rumors like these can generate a lot of false hype, so anything you’ve read or heard to support these claims should be taken with a grain of salt until the big day, February 20th.

We’ll be live in attendance, bringing you all of the major announcements and hardware and software reveals as they happen. Stay tuned.