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the crew 2 demolition derby

PvP and Demolition Derbies Heading to The Crew 2

It’s not the county fair, but it’s close enough.

the crew 2 gator rush

Hovercrafts in the Deep South are all Part of The Crew 2’s Free Update

Gators, hovercrafts, and swamps. What more could you ask?

the crew 2 bug

The Crew 2 Bug Continues to Prevent Some PS4 Users from Playing

If you live in the Eastern European region, there may be no hope for you.

the crew 2 review

The Crew 2 Review – America the Playground (PS4)

This time around, Ivory Tower brought a bunch more toys.

The Crew 2 released

The Crew 2 Has Arrived, Let the Racing Begin

I’m gonna grab a plane and win. Just saying.

The Crew Hits 12 Million Players, Ivory Tower Devs Thanks Players

That’s a lot of miles!

The Crew Calling All Units Expansion, Ultimate Edition Release on November 29

The Crew level cap is rising to 60.

The Crew Hits Five Million Players, Players Rewarded With Crew Credits

50,000 Crew Credits for all!

The Crew Wild Run January Patch Includes Speed Trap Challenge, Photo Mode and More

“The Summit” monthly reward bonus incoming as well.

The Crew Wild Run Launch Trailer Breaks Out, Wants You to Be Wild

Free update will upgrade graphics,, feature an all-new weather system and more.

The Crew Developer Ivory Tower Acquired by Ubisoft

Expect more racing games…

The Crew Update Rolls Out, Raid Car Pack Now Available

Watch the video for the Raid Car Pack.

The Crew Two-Hour Free Trial Available to Download on PS4, Xbox One

Progress carries over to the full game.

Big The Crew Update Goes Live on March 18, Adds New PvP Mode & More

Many car improvements and bug fixes are on the way.

Next The Crew Update Goes Live on February 12, Adds New PvP Mode & More

Frame-rate in cockpit view will be improved.

The Crew First DLC Pack Released Today, Contains New Cars, Missions, and More

Missions are free for everyone!

Ivory Tower: No New Areas Planned for The Crew Yet As Players Have Enough to Explore

Pitched 7 years ago as Route 66.

The Crew Update Improves Online Stability & More

Previously discussed changes are coming “soon.”

The Crew is Filled With Wasted Potential, Say Numerous Fans


Ubisoft Working to Bring Back The Crew’s Erased Stats

Ubisoft working to restore lost stats.